image-fader-4Oregon Wellesley Club Annual Dues

Strengthen our Wellesley Community

2017 promises to be an exciting year for the Oregon Wellesley Club as we increase opportunities for our members to connect in Portland, throughout Oregon, and also virtually through our newsletter and online communities.

Together we can accomplish lots in 2017. Having more members current on their annual Club dues will support our ongoing projects and help us grow into an organization that truly serves all members. We have over 400 alumnae listed in Oregon, of which only a small percentage pay dues. We’d like to increase the level of participation. We understand that we can make it easier by sending an annual request and also by providing information on how and why to pay a small annual fee to support the Oregon Wellesley Club.

Dues are currently $15 for young alumnae (graduated within five years); $25 for regular members; and $50 for gold members who would like to give a little extra to support the club.


Our preferred method of payment is through the Oregon Wellesley Club website at

Click on  “Support Our Club” located near the upper right corner. From the drop-down menu, select “Become a Member.” Since this is a new feature, for all of us—even if you have paid dues in the past—”Become a Member” is the correct choice for your first dues payment via the online payment system. If and when you renew via the online website next year, “Renew Your Membership” will be the proper selection.

One great feature of the online dues payment system is that the website will now automatically track your membership status and send you renewal reminders.


By paying annual dues, you are allowing us to:

  • Help recruit top high school students. Through the Book Award Program, we honor high-achieving female high school students in order to raise awareness of Wellesley and boost applications to the college. We purchase all of the special-edition award books.
  • Host Wellesley College faculty for speaking events.
  • Rent event spaces to accommodate larger groups of alumnae and guests, and host applying, admitted and current Wellesley students from Oregon.
  • Send delegates to the Alumnae Leadership Council on campus. This conference teaches us about new initiatives and best practices that will benefit our Oregon WellesleyClub community.
  • Sponsor or help offset costs for Club activities in Portland.

With strong support from our Oregon alumnae, we envision a future where we  can:

  • Sponsor or help offset costs for Club activities in neighborhood and regional clusters such as Eugene/Springfield, Beaverton, Corvallis, Medford/Ashland and the Vancouver, Washington area. 
  • Organize an annual all-Oregon gathering with alumnae from all areas of the state.
  • Sponsor or help offset accommodation costs for alumnae who are traveling to Portland to attend Club events.
  • Increase our ability to offer a wider array of activities, including lectures, panel events, family-oriented activities, wellness activity series, bird-watching tours, etc. We are always looking for new ideas and feedback from our Oregon Wellesley Community.

Become a dues-paying member today so we can continue our current efforts, increase our activity offerings, and serve a greater number of  members throughout Oregon. As an alumna, please remember that this is *your* club. With your support, ideas, feedback, enthusiasm and attendance at events, we can strengthen our Wellesley community throughout Oregon.

For those of you who prefer to send dues via postal mail, you can send a check to OregonWellesley Club c/o Bonnie Gee Yosick Box 145 2000 NE 42nd Avenue, Suite D Portland, OR  97213. Because of the additional volunteer effort associated with the check-payment option, we ask only those who have extreme difficulty in completing an online transaction to use postal mail.

Thank you so much for your support. We look forward to sharing more communications about future events and activities. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments to

Sincerely, Oregon Wellesley Club volunteers